in person Microblading training

In-Person Microblading Training: Is it right for you?

What is microblading? Microblading is the art of naturally enhancing the beauty of the eyebrows by shaping them based on your unique facial structure. There are many techniques needed to deliver a beautiful outcome. We offer both in-person and online microblading training. Keep reading to learn more about our in-person options and what’s included in […]

different eyebrow styles

Microblading 101: 12 Eyebrow Styles and How to Know Which One is Right For You

Microblading allows you to achieve your desired eyebrow shape while maintaining a natural look. During the treatment, your esthetician uses microscopic needles to make tiny incisions to form and fill in your brow, altering — and improving — your look. The best part?  Unlike standard eyebrow grooming, which needs regular maintenance, when you get your […]

Pros and Cons of Microblading

The Pros and Cons of Microblading

Achieving the perfect eyebrow look can be a long and expensive journey for some. With so many options in the cosmetic industry, from tattooing, plucking, waxing, sugaring, microblading, laminating, threading, tinting, and so many more, it’s easy to understand why finding the perfect treatment can be a long process. One of the most popular eyebrow […]