Choosing the Right Microblading Classes

Microblading can be a wonderful career for people in the beauty industry who love to help clients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. But, before you decide to jump into a training program, it is important that you do the work to choose the RIGHT microblading class to set you up for success.

I’ve been seeing a ton of 2- or 3-day microblading training courses pop up lately because people feel like they can make better money at training than actually providing the microblading service (which is much harder to do). So, before you sign up for a quick training session, it is important to realize this is an exceedingly difficult and intricate skill to learn so you want to be sure you receive the right training from the right instructor so you are not left confused and unprepared.

Think about it — most tattoo artists are required to apprentice for two years before they can even touch human skin with a needle. Although this is different, it is important that you learn the proper techniques and that you understand all the potential issues that may arise with clients before they actually do.

Tips for Choosing the Right Class

OK, so next step—how do you choose the right microblading class? Well, it may take time and it will not be cheap. But here are a few tips that may help your process:

  • Choose an instructor with experience. I’ve seen these courses pop up from instructors with very little experience and that is not what you want. To be sure you are learning from the best, you will want to go with an instructor who has at least two years of experience in microblading. It is also important to look at his or her portfolio to be sure your style fits with theirs. Reviews are also important! Look for client testimonials and reviews to make sure he or she is someone who can teach you the tips and tricks you need to know to make a range of clients happy.
  • What does the course look like? Before choosing a class, it will be important to know how many days of training there will be and what the agenda looks like. The key thing to look for is a course that offers a comprehensive, in-depth agenda.
  • What happens once the course is over? It is also important to find a course that offers continued support after the program is over. Just know it is common to feel overwhelmed and full of questions when the training is over, so it is important to go with an instructor who will provide ongoing support and a space where you can continue to ask questions and seek help.
  • Practice on live models is key! When you are choosing a microblading class, make sure you will be able to practice on a live model. It is so important to touch as much skin as you can and get as much practice in before asking to be paid.

Talk to Us About Our Microblading Class

At A. Samara Beauty, we offer comprehensive training courses to ensure you feel confident and ready upon completion. We are passionate about our personal microblading services and want to make sure we provide the best training possible for those who share a passion in making people feel beautiful.

Our training offers one-on-one attention, practice on a live model and a full kit so you can perform several procedures on your own. We also offer continued support and mentorship after you complete your training and will always be here to support you and answer all your questions.

To learn more or to enroll in our microblading training course, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of this new journey!