Chula Vista Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading Near YOU!

When it comes to a semi-permanent procedure on your face, it is important to not settle for just the closest salon near you. However, how far is too far to drive?

Microblading has only been in the US for 6 years, and now it seems like everybody you know has had it done. It definitely is a HUGE trend, and as it has gained popularity, it has become more accessible to everyone. Several of my clients share stories of traveling all the way to Los Angeles from San Diego and neighboring areas just to get microblading done, but the good news is that today, microblading can be found near you!

Microblading San Diego By A. Samara Beauty often has clients coming in from San Diego and neighboring areas such as Chula Vista, Del Mar, El Cajon and more. We are located in Downtown, and are an easy drive away from the majority of San Diego suburbs. We also have free downtown parking for our clients to make it as easy of an experience as possible.

Initial appointment takes about 2.5 hours, and the touch up takes about 1.5 hours, therefore for the first full procedure it takes two sessions. Therefore making a trip more than 45 minutes away can get overwhelming! Thankfully with the increase in popularity and demand there is an increase in artists.

Each area has its own style, so finding somebody near you that specializes in the style you’re looking for can be such a relief! You will ideally be building a long term relationship with your artist so making sure it is comfortable in both the aesthetic and accessibility is a win/win situation! Los Angeles trends yield big, fluffy brows. I see this happening more often to mimic the “model brow” look that Cara Delvign and others are rocking. San Diego, Chula Vista, and neighboring areas have a more conservative, day to day perfection style. Microblading San Diego by A. Samara Beauty specializes in the “Naturally Perfect” brow. We do just the right amount of width and density to suit YOUR face, because although big trendy brows are beautiful, it is all about timeless beauty for such a semi-permanent procedure.

Take a look at more of our signature “Naturally Perfect” brows on our instagram (@a.samarabeauty)! No more need to drive over 2 hours and be stuck in LA traffic anymore.