Chula Vista Microblading: Potential Complications?

Are you still filling in your eyebrows every morning with a brow pencil, secretly wishing they were darker, fuller or more uniform? Well, you are not alone! That is why microblading has quickly become one of the leading trends in the beauty industry. Luckily, if your in Chula Vista or the surrounding area, this post if for you.

If you are considering microblading, it is completely normal to have concerns about the potential risks associated with the procedure. Our Chula Vista microblading specialist put together a list of potential complications associated with microblading along with ways to avoid them.

Infection: Signs and Causes

Infection due to irritation or allergic reaction from the pigment is a leading complication associated with microblading. While it is totally normal to experience some discomfort or pain during the procedure, it is not normal to have severe pain after the appointment is over.

You may experience slight stinging, but you should contact your physician immediately if severe or ongoing pain occurs as this could be the first sign of infection.

Other possible signs of infection include:

  • Swelling or puffiness in the brow area
  • Scabbing two weeks after the procedure (it is normal for scabbing to occur immediately following the procedure but if it continues after two weeks, you should see your doctor to make sure an infection isn’t forming)
  • Yellow-tinged pus or discharge or excessive redness

If you experience any unusual symptoms that may be showing early signs of infection, you should seek medical attention immediately. The brow area is so close to the brain that you do not want an infection entering your blood stream. Infection can be treated with antibiotics.

How to Prevent Infection

The most important step you can take to avoid infection is choosing a microblading technician that is highly qualified and experienced, and who is known for clean and safe practices. It is important to research your technician before the procedure so you can rest assured you are choosing someone who will not only give you the best aesthetic results but will also ensure your safety.

Some the things to look for when choosing a technician include:

  • Reviews: do your research and see what other clients have to say about the technician — how many microblading reviews does he or she have? What do the reviews say about the experience and the results? What do the reviews say about his/her cleanliness and attention to detail?
  • Does the technician have a license? It is perfectly OK for you to ask to see the license and ask about his or her experience.
  • Ask about safety procedures: it is also OK to be proactive and to ask the technician what safety procedures he or she follows to reduce the risk of infection. For example, the tool used for microblading should be a one-time use, to make sure he or she opens a new package when performing your procedure.

After you choose your technician, ask him or her for an instruction sheet for proper care following the appointment. It is important to keep in mind that once you leave the appointment there are things you will need to do to keep the area clean and reduce any risk for irritation and infection.

Some of the things you should avoid include:

  • Getting the area wet for a certain number of days
  • Applying makeup to the face for at least a week
  • Touching, rubbing or picking at the scabs
  • Swimming, saunas and activities that can cause sweating until the area is completely healed
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Do Keep the area clean and apply the ointment provided by your physician as directed to keep it protected and avoid drying out

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