El Cajon Microblading Services: After Care Tips

If you’re considering microblading for fuller, thicker-looking eyebrows, you are not alone! More and more people are jumping on the train and taking advantage of the latest beauty trend every single day. Whether you have thin, light, patchy brows or even if you already have full brows and just want them to be a little more refined, microblading may be the answer.

As you begin your microblading journey, it is important to properly prepare yourself for the aftercare to avoid infection and to make sure you heal properly and with the best possible results. While there is no actual downtime, it is important to note the skin may be red, irritated and scab for up to two weeks. 

If you’re in or near the El Cajon area and are considering microblading, we can discuss the proper aftercare with you.

The following aftercare tips are suggested to achieve the best results:

• Do not wear makeup around the area for at least ten days.

• Do not itch or rub the scabbing area — this could result in scarring or uneven healing.

• Do not wet or wash the area.

• If you have excess liquid in the first 24 hours, you can dab the area lightly with sterile gauze, but do not use soap or water.

• Apply Aquaphor (or the ointment given to you by your technician) four days after the procedure to help soothe. You can apply once in morning and once at night but make sure the skin has time to heal properly during the day so don’t over apply.

• Do not exercise or engage in activities that would cause you to sweat excessively.

• Avoid going in the pool, spa or sauna.

• Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds.

• Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol as it could slow the healing process.

• If the area continues to swell, scab or starts to puss after two weeks, you should visit your doctor immediately as these could be signs of infection.

Maintenance Tips for El Cajon Microblading 

After you are fully healed, you should take care of your skin to ensure long lasting results. Keep sunscreen on the area to avoid fading from the sun. 

You are considered to be healed within about two weeks, but the true color will not surface until about week 4/5. When this occurs, your technician will likely recommend that you come back for a “touch up” which will only take about 15 minutes and will add in the final color to complete your new perfect brows. 

Phases During Healing

It is important to note that during the healing process, you may experience several different phases. For example, the day after the procedure your brows may appear exceptionally dark. 

Once the peeling starts, however, the pigment may lighten dramatically and may seem spotty in some areas. This is why its important to keep in mind the true pigment will not surface until week four or five. And this is also why you may need a touch up around week six to give you an even beautiful brow you can be extremely satisfied with!

If you are in the La Mesa area or are near Downtown San Diego, A. Samara Beauty would love the opportunity to serve you and help you achieve the most beautiful brow for your face! We have been serving members of your community for years and specialize in microblading, eyelash extensions and bridal makeup.