How Long Does Microblading Take to Heal?

Have you been seeing pictures of your friends or family member’s fabulous new eyebrows and are considering getting yours done? Most often people share the end result when their brows are beautiful and fully healed, but it is important that you understand the healing process before you go in for the procedure. The healing process is totally worth it, don’t get me wrong! But, there are several stages you will go through that you should know about before undergoing a microblading procedure.

So, how long does it take for microblading to heal? Well, in short, the full process can take approximately 30-60 days. What? You may be thinking that is a long time, but I will share the process in detail here to help you understand.

Day 1:

This is probably the most exciting day of your microblading journey. If you’re like most women who are going in for a microblading procedure, you are probably dreaming of the day you can sleep in ten minutes longer because you no longer have to shape and fill in your patchy eyebrows! What a dream, right? So, day 1 is magic! You show up, undergo the procedure, and leave with newly shaped eyebrows with beautiful hair strokes. At this point, they may be a little red and dense and appear a little darker than you would normally want, but they are full and beautiful and chances are you will be pretty happy.

Day 2:

Today your brows will feel a little more tender and will still be red. They may even be a little thicker than day one, but chances are you will still be in love and in awe of your new bold brows!

Day 3-4:

At this point, you wont notice too much difference other than the fact they may be a little darker than day one. The pain and tenderness may be less during these days.

Day 5-7:

Around day 5 is when you will experience a shift in the healing process. Your brow area will likely be super itchy, and you may experience the forming of a thick scab. Whatever you do…do not scratch! And do not panic! This scabbing day by day microblading healing process is not pretty or comfortable, but it is totally normal. The thick scab may start to pull away from the face around day 6/7 and this could actually be quite scary.

Day 7-10:

The scabs will usually flake off completely on their own by this point and you will see some changes in your brows that could be concerning. The skin is still in the healing process, so the color may seem faded or blotchy, but don’t worry! Again, this is totally normal for the healing process!

Day 14-21:

Around this time, you will start to notice the color coming back and filling back in and your brows will start to look more like what you’ve been dreaming about. You will start to notice how the pigment is settling in and if you want to add anything in.

Day 28-40

Congratulations! At this time, you’ve made it through the healing process and are ready for your follow up appointment. Around week 4-6 after the procedure, you will have a follow up appointment. At this point a touch up will take place to give you the beautiful results you desired from the beginning!