How To Make The Most of Your Microblading Training

So you’ve already taken the plunge and invested in a microblading training course, and now you’re wondering how to utilize this valuable skill set. I have outlined three vital points to keep in mind so that you can make the MOST out of your microblading training.

How to Pick the Right Microblading Training Course

Before purchasing any course make sure that it is the right fit for you. Do you learn easily on your own? Then consider an online course. Are you more of a hands on learner? Then in person might be the best option for you. Check to see if the course includes everything you are looking for and would need to learn the new skill set.  And pick a top rated microblading training course.

What to Expect During Your Microblading Training Course

With so much information coming your way all at once, it is important to TAKE NOTES! At A. Samara Beauty we provide a very detailed manual with space for notes that will help you understand. We also provide educational videos and photos to help give visual memory of every detail. During the course, the most helpful thing to do is ask questions. With such a new skill set instructors are aware that students will have many questions that can really change the game of their microblading. One major tip is, the night of DAY 1 of the course, take your kit home and practice! Practice everything you have learned while the information is still fresh to solidify new information. This also helps because then you can take notes on what you feel you need help on and go back on DAY 2 of the training course with questions that will help you out specifically!

What to Do After Your Microblading Class

When the course is done the most important thing to do is to keep up with all your training. Drawing your patterns on practice every night will drastically improve your microblading. It will make your hands flow so much easier, and get your wrists in practice of how to draw. Additionally, following other microblading artists around the world on social media platforms like instagram and facebook gives you access to tons of high quality microblading inspiration and several tips and tricks. Lastly, schedule a shadow appointment with us! After you have taken the time to practice and accumulate all the questions you may have, schedule an appointment to allow time to answer all the questions that may occur!