How to Select a Microblading School

If you are in the beauty industry and are wanting to get into the art of microblading, you are making a wonderful decision for your career and future! Microblading is the newest, hottest trend — I mean, who doesn’t want rich, full brows that they don’t have to fill in each morning?

So, you’ve made your decision to add microblading to your list of services, but now what? The next step (and most crucial) is to find a microblading course near you that will provide you with the comprehensive education and training you need to give your clients the beautiful results they are looking for. But how do you know you are choosing the right microblading course?

At A. Samara Beauty, we understand the importance of proper training and have put together the following tips on how to select the right microblading school:

1.       Experience, experience, experience! The number one thing you should do before choosing a microblading school is to make sure the trainer has at least two years of hands-on experience. Anyone can train — in fact, training someone in microblading is much easier than performing the procedure. Because microblading takes such precise skill and concentration, and because every client has unique eyebrows and skin, it is not an easy thing to do. Thus, it is especially important that you ask to see your trainer’s portfolio and client reviews before choosing to allow him or her to teach you. Keep in mind you will want to train with someone who shapes eyebrows the way you would want to. This will ensure you get the right training to match your style.

2.       Type of training — much of today’s training is virtual as people continue to social distance. And while this is amazing and you can learn from the comfort of your own home, you must really consider whether you learn the best this way. If you know that you learn better with in person training, be sure to find a school that offers in person training.

3.       Hands-on training with live models — just because you complete a microblading course, it does not mean you will be ready to perform on a live client. When you are choosing a microblading school, make sure they offer hands-on training with live models so you can have real life experience before working on clients.

4.       Choose a school with ongoing support — after you complete your course, you will likely have questions. You are not an expert overnight, nor should anyone mistake you to be. When you are choosing a microblading school, make sure there is some type of continued support or mentorship program you can plug into. You may also consider asking if there is a virtual community they recommend that you can be a part of so you can continue learning from more experienced artists.

5.       Less is not always more — if you are in the market for a microblading training course, keep in mind that less is not always more. I have seen so many people put out microblading courses online because they can. Many of the courses are cheap and quick, and there is a reason for that! Microblading is such an intricate artform and you will want to make sure you learn the right technique from the right trainer, not just the cheapest. Remember, this is an investment in your future, and it should be taken seriously!

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At A. Samara Beauty, we are proud to help artists throughout the Greater San Diego area realize their microblading dreams! We offer in-depth training courses with live models and lots of dedicated one-on-one attention. For more information about the courses we offer, contact us today!