Everything You Need to Know about Microblading Before and After

Do you struggle everyday with making sure that your eyebrows look their best? Perhaps you’ve grown tired of trying to fill them in every time your put-on makeup and you just want a simple way to keep your look flawless. Maybe the cost and time spent on this is becoming too much to handle. Well, there is a new procedure that is growing in popularity that will help you with this struggle.

What is Microblading?

The simplest way to describe it is a form of brow tattooing. Tiny needles are used to draw delicate hair like strokes across your brow while depositing ink pigment under the skin. The tool used for this looks like a pen with the nib looking like a slopped blade that is made up of 10-12 little needles. This is meant to give you realistic-looking brows. Though it is applied similar to tattooing, this procedure is actually different as it is not a permanent marking. The needles that apply the façade of hair does not penetrate the skin deep enough to create a permanent marking. The pigment used is also different because it is eventually metabolized and fade away. Plus, it is less concentrated to give a softer, more realistic image.

With it being semi-permanent, that means that this is something you will have to do on a somewhat frequent basis. Typically, it is advised that once you have had the procedure done to return in four weeks for any touchups that may have been missed due to initial swelling of the area. Then, from that appointment, you should only need to go in for touchups once a year. This will keep the money you invested in it from going to waist and keep you look on point.

Should I get Microblading?

A truly versatile procedure, anyone can get this done. If you have an auto-immune disease that causes the hairs on your face to fall out, you can get microblading done and it will help return the confidence you had before. Those with alopecia are highly encouraged to consider getting it done. However, you don’t need a medical reason to get it.

If you rely upon your looks for your profession or if you are a public figure and don’t want to have to worry about your appearance all the time, getting microblading done can be seen as an investment in your future. And it will last for length periods of time, which will allow you the freedom to keep the amazing look without having to take time from your busy schedule. Even if your face isn’t on the front page of a magazine, everyone has a right to look their best and do what they can to make that a reality.

Microblading Before and After

Before having the procedure done, make sure to do tons of research on the people who offer the procedure and get reviews from previous clients. You want to be certain that the person you are trusting to do this has the appropriate skills to make it look as realistic as possible. Once you know who you want to do it, set up a scheduled meeting to go over what you are wanting done and start looking at color matching the ink that will be used to your natural hair coloring. Then, you will need to discuss shaping and the look you are aiming for with this procedure.

With everything in place, you will arrive at your appointment where they will prep you for the microblading. A good technician will first draw in the areas that are to be filled in to ensure that what you see in the mirror is what you are truly wanting. With the thumbs up, they will lay you down on a sterile bed for your comfort before they begin marking the area with superficial cuts to help with depositing the pigment. That may sound painful, but most people who have had it done akin its discomfort level to that of having their eyebrows threaded.

Once the procedure is done (should only take about an hour), there will be some slight swelling and puffiness to the area, but it should go down quickly. For the first week after your appointment, do not get your eyebrows wet or sweaty. Take a break from the gym and allow the area to fully soak in the coloring that you’ve just saturated it with. However, if you’re an athlete that requires to constantly workout, cover them with an ointment to help keep the pigment in as well as keep the cuts clean.

Also, try not to aggravate the area for a couple weeks with any kind of facial products or makeup. After four weeks, head back in to do any possible touchups needed to ensure that your brows are full and look exactly how you want it to. After that, you should have a full year of fleek eyebrows before you will need to consider having the procedure done again. Make sure to keep a watchful eye on your brows coloring and when you start to notice the richness underneath fading, then reach out to your technician and make another appointment to bring the look back to life.

The Cost of Microblading

Microblading is not cheap to get. Where you live and the person performing the procedure can affect the price. You can look at a price tag between $500.00 to $2,000.00 USD. The price typically covers the cost of the procedure, the pre-procedure consultation, the post-procedure consultation as well as a follow up within the next 6-8 weeks. That may seem steep, but if the person doing the microblading is highly skilled in it, then it will be well worth the investment. Make sure to shop around before you settle on a price and make an appointment to get this done.