why No caffeine before microblading

Why No Caffeine Before Microblading: Everything You Should Be Aware Of

Of all the people who wish to enhance their brows, 40% choose microblading as the right process. If you are one of them and want to brighten your brows, you might start preparing for this delicate procedure. Avoiding coffee intake before your consultation is one piece of crucial advice you’ll hear a lot. But why […]

what to expect after microblading

The Healing Process: What to Expect After Microblading

Microbladed brows are incredibly popular because they look stylish and natural to people worldwide. Although it takes time to see the results of the treatment. To get the ideal final appearance, your eyebrows must go through the microblading healing procedure. Microblading recovery can be a complicated process on both a physical and mental level. To […]

microblading on older skin

Microblading On Older Skin – Smart Cosmetic Option for Senior Women

Microblading is a widely recognized method used to enhance the appearance of brows by producing hair-like strokes. It works great for women till a certain age. Microblading on older skin may not be an optimal choice because of the delicate properties of aged skin. However, a few tweaks in the techniques can do wonders for […]

microblading training

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your Microblading Training

Do you have a passion for the beauty industry? Ever dreamed of becoming a professional microblading artist? With microblading gaining popularity as one of the most desirable trends, aspiring beauticians are seizing this opportunity to help people achieve stunning brows. So, if you are devoted to making others feel confident and beautiful, becoming a certified […]

microblading itching

What You Need to Know About Microblading Itching During the Healing Process

Wouldn’t you like to wake up every morning with perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows effortlessly framing your face? People with thin, sparse, or uneven brows often spend a good chunk of time working on them. That’s precisely where microblading can help out! This popular cosmetic technique has taken the beauty world by storm. Microblading is […]

microblading on dark skin

Microblading on Dark Skin: What You Need to Know!

Eyebrow beautification or enhancement has acceptance and appeal among people, and microblading is one of the popular choices. But what if you have a darker complexion? With dark skin tones, you might be tired of spending hours filling in your brows with makeup. But microblading may be just what you need. The invention of microblading […]