Microblading Classes in Encinitas

If you are considering adding microblading to your list of skills, you are making the right decision! Microblading is a leading beauty trend and is not going anywhere anytime soon. More and more people are searching for the perfect brow that they no longer have to pencil in. So, you are right on time to hit the ground running and start an incredible business in microblading!

If you are looking for microblading classes in the Encinitas area and are wondering what to look for, we can help! Taking training courses from a reputable and highly experienced artist can add so much value to your training experience. If you are wondering what sets a good training program apart from the rest, here are a few things that may help during your search:

1.       Does the training course allow you to work with live models? This is huge! Imagine going through an online course and completing your microblading training without ever touching real skin or practicing on real brows? I mean…I can’t imagine that you would be prepared for that first client, can you? So, it is very important to make sure the training course you choose provides you with live models to practice on.

2.       How long is the microblading training course and is it in person or virtual? The type of training you choose is very important for a few reasons. First of all, yes some courses are super quick and this may seem appealing to you. But, keep in mind, you will be putting semi-permanent tattoos on people’s faces so you will need all the hours of training you can possibly get. So, even though a shorter training may seem appealing it may not be your best option. Also, what style of learner are you? We understand that most courses are virtual as people continue to social distance, but you may consider choosing a course where part of it is in person if that is the best way you will soak in the information.

3.       What does the course cover? When you are looking for microblading classes near you, it is important to look at the agenda and make sure the course covers all the bases. There are fundamental things you will need to know, but you will also want to choose a course that goes above and beyond and teaches you more than just the basics. You want classes that will really prep you for a solid career in microblading right away.

At A. Samara Beauty, our classes include microblading theory, color theory, skin types, pressure, proper grip and depth, mapping, shaping and more. We also show our students how to gain clients and how to use social media to grow their businesses. We allow our students to practice on live models and offer continued support and mentorship after the classes are complete.

We believe in our students and want to provide everything they need to be successful. No matter where you choose to take your microblading classes, just be sure that they are fully equipped to give you the tools you need to learn proper techniques as well as ways to grow your business once you obtain certification.