Microblading Tattoo San Diego

Have you been dreaming of what it would feel like to wake up and never have to draw on your eyebrows again? If so, you are like hundreds of thousands of other people! Microblading has become one of the most sought-after beauty trends because it gives you the perfect brow without ever having to reshape or color in again!

If you’re in the San Diego area and are considering microblading, it’s important to find an artist that is experienced and has lots of amazing reviews! Look for someone you whose work resembles similar brows as you would want and make sure he or she has lot of experience.

Before you start looking for someone, it is important to note that microblading is not the same as tattooing! If you like the way microblading looks, you do not want to find a tattoo artist who has experience in permanent makeup and brows…you want to find an artist that specializes in microblading specifically.

So, what is the difference between microblading and tattooing? There are several differences between microblading and tattooing, including:

1.       Microblading looks much more natural because the artist uses a tiny blade to add each stroke, really resembling fine brow hairs. Each stroke is hand drawn so it has less of an impact on the skin. Tattooing uses a machine, so the strokes aren’t as delicate and can bleed overtime.

2.       Microblading is semi-permanent and will last about one to two years, whereas tattooing is permanent. Because microblading uses pigment and doesn’t go as deep into the skin, you will need touchups every couple of years depending on how your skin takes to the pigment.

3.       Microblading uses pigment so the coloring with never change. As tattoos fade, they can turn bluish or brown.

4.       Microblading is a lot less painful than tattooing. Tattooing can be painful especially when done in sensitive areas like the face and brow area. Microblading is a lot less painful because it doesn’t go as deep into the skin. Your artist will numb the area and many people compare the discomfort to heavy tweezing.

What is the Healing Process of Microblading and Tattooing Like?

The healing process for microblading and eyebrow tattooing are remarkably similar. They both take about 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal. Both healing processes involve scabbing and peeling and require a final touchup after the initial procedure. Because permanent ink is used, if you are not happy with the results of a tattoo, it is hard to fix. However, if you aren’t completely happy with the shape of the brow after the initial microblading session, it is much easier to fix. The artist will simply stay away from going over that area during the touchup and it will fade quickly.

If you’re considering microblading in the San Diego area and are looking for an experienced and highly trusted artist, come see us at A. Samara Beauty for a free consultation! We can answer all your questions and help you start your journey to the perfect brows!