San Diego Microblading Training

Microblading training can be the single most career changing thing you do, it certainly was for me. If you are ready or are considering a course in Microblading, here are a few key points to keep in mind.

What should I expect in a course for Microblading?

Our course is one of the most informative Microblading courses out there. When I was initially trained, I was trained in the most fundamental and basic technique possible. This left me yearning for more information to become one of the leading microblading artists in the industry. I quickly realized that what was missing in beginner microblading courses were the vital tips and tricks that really make your work stand out from the rest. Anybody can learn how to hold a microblading tool, but we wanted and still want more for our students. We want to see them thrive by giving them all the tools to do so. This means a microblading course will include but is not limited to:

Microblading Theory, Color Theory, Skin Types, Pressure, Proper Grip, Proper Depth, Mapping, Shaping, Different Stroke Patterns, How To Use Social Media, How To Gain Clients, A Live Model, and so much more.

At first, acquiring a new skill will feel tough. Rest assured, this is normal! You should also expect a detailed plan of practice so that you can have a guideline for success and support after the course is over! This includes regular check-ins with master trainer Aateka, and live model shadowing for both initial sessions as well as touch-ups!

What Type Of Career Opportunities Open Up?

Mastering Microblading can open up so many doors! Many of our students have gone on to be successful business owners, or have worked alongside other Microblading artists while building a loyal customer base! The wonderful thing about microblading is not only that anybody can learn it, but anybody can get licensed for it! This means that all the states do not require you to be an esthetician or cosmetologist. The requirements put into place by your local county are all done to ensure the cleanliness and safety of both you and your client! Proper sterilization will also be taught in our courses. We give you all the tools to be your very own successful business owner or a very successful and talented microblading artist! This is a career change that will give you freedom over your schedule, freedom over your career, and most importantly high job satisfaction.

How Can I Make The Most Of A Microblading Course?

To make sure you get your money’s worth, make sure you are aware and PRESENT in class! This means you are taking down notes and asking all the questions you may have. It is our job as instructors to give you all of our attention, and we want to help you out with any detail you may need help in!

We also give direct access to our master trainers so that we can be helpful not just when the course is over, but in any part of your career as well. Call today to get started in an amazing career by the industries best!