What is the Perfect Eyebrow?

Gone are the days of the ultra-thin eyebrow that is basically non-existent. Today, we are in the age of the fuller, thicker, darker brow. But how do we achieve this look when our eyebrows are thin, sparce or just not as dark as want them to be?

Well…you have a couple options. Of course, you can pencil in your eyebrows every day to make them appear richer and fuller. But, you run the risk of losing your perfect brows when you go swimming or wipe your face after a hot sweaty yoga sesh. Option B, and my personal favorite, is to undergo microblading. This will create the most beautiful, natural looking brow that you don’t have to worry about penciling in yourself ever again!

OK, so you’ve decided to give microblading a shot. But how do you determine the perfect brow for your face. Well, first, take inventory of other people’s brows and find someone with a similar face shape whose eyebrows you love and start there. From there, you can work with your microblading artist to come up with the perfect brow for your face.

What is Your Face Shape?

As you start thinking about achieving the perfect brow, whether its through a pencil or if you are going to seek out microblading, it is important to keep in mind what looks good on someone else may not look good on you. So, the first step to finding you YOUR perfect brow is finding YOUR face shape. You can do this easily by looking in the mirror and asking yourself if your face is round, oval, long, square, heart shaped or diamond.

Perfect Brows for Round Faces: if your face is round, you can use the shape of your eyebrows to make it appear less circular. To do this, you want to lift the arch and spice up the angel. By lifting the arch, it will lengthen the look of your face, giving the illusion that your face is more oval than round.

Perfect Brows for Oval Faces: if your face is more oval, you will want to create a brow that has a soft angle and small arch. This look is softer and more feminine. You can still create a gorgeous thick and full brow with a soft arch.

Perfect Brows for Long Faces: if you have a long face, you want to create a flatter brow (one with less arch) to create the illusion that your face is shorter or more oval.

Perfect Eyebrows for Square Faces: a square face means you have a strong jawline. This is a gorgeous feature that you can balance out with an equally strong brow. The perfect brow for someone with a square face is one that has a defined arch.

Perfect Eyebrows for Heart Shaped Faces: if your face is heart shaped, you may consider going with a strong brow with a higher arch to extend your face.

Perfect Eyebrows for Diamond Shaped Faces: diamond shape faces are rare, but gorgeous. If this is you, you will want to create a softer look by going with less of an arch.

Ready to Get the Perfect Brow?

If you are in the San Diego area and are looking to achieve the most beautiful brow for your face, come see us at A. Samara Beauty! We would love to answer any questions you may have about microblading and help you achieve the perfect brow to enhance your natural beauty.