Why Top Rated Microblade Salons are Different

Top Rated salons are different for several reasons.

High quality Microblading begins with the Microblading technician. The majority of top rated microblading artists have gone through multiple courses and countless hours of practice to perfect their craft. Investment in SEVERAL trainings leads to higher quality work, which reflects in reviews and ratings as well as the price bracket of the work. Make sure to do your research on your artist and feel free to ask questions!

Top rated salons also do not take more than 2-3 clients a day. Why? Because they DO NOT rush the process. If salons are cutting costs, then odds are they are trying to get in as many people as possible a day, and speeding through the appointment. This is a process that involves intricate hair stroke work, and if it is rushed it will show in the work!

Top rated salons are ALWAYS licenced. We adhere to the strictest of safety rules and cleanliness rules. They have already jumped all the legal hoops that allow them to operate safely. One of those requirements is to be blood borne pathogen certified. This means we know how to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and only use 100% disposable items. Non top rated salons do not do this. The reusable tools means there is potential of improper sanitization which means potential infection and therefore you should NEVER set foot in a salon that cannot prove its credentials.

Top rated salons also offer a free touch up that is necessary for your brows to last a long time. Additionally, we do two topical numbings to make sure that you feel your most comfortable throughout the whole process, where most people do not do a pre-numb because it takes an additional 45 minutes. Once again, we NEVER rush the process. Perfectly healed and shaped microblading brows is our specialty.